We have two separate Boards.  One for the Improvement Association and one for the Improvement District.

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Improvement Association Membership is open to everyone.  Our Nonprofit Organization is focused on Social Events and Charitable Giving to an assortment of organizations we support.

Improvement District Membership consists of all property owners within 1000' of the lake.  Members are assessed via their property taxes each year.

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Social Events

Our Improvement Association sponsors multiple social events each year.  These include a kid's bike parade, a boat parade, a kid's fishing contest, and a picnic for members.

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Since 1980

Lower South Long Lake Improvement Association

The Lower South Long Lake Improvement Association was formed as a Nonprofit Organization in 1980 to address the concerns of property owners who were concerned about the quality of the water and surrounding wildlife. The association continues to adhere to the goals established in the beginning. We are also a social organization as we have several events during the year that strive to bring together all residents for fun and relaxation. This includes a kid's bike parade, picnic and kid's fishing contest, a boat parade and our annual Bingo fundraiser to close out the summer. If you are not a member please come to one of our association meetings and meet your neighbors and find out what is going on at your lake.

Lower South Long Lake Improvement District

The Lower South Long Lake Improvement District was formed in November, 2006.  This Lake Improvement District (LID) gathers its' income via property tax assessment and is focused on Lake Quality.  Key expenditures include surveying and treating Aquatic Invasive Species along with cost sharing weed treatments for shoreline property owners.  All properties within 1000' of the lake shore are members of this LID.


Not yet a Member for this Year?

Need to renew your membership or become a member?  You can join or renew via US Mail or via our online form.